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Wheel loader solid Tyre L077
  • Wheel loader solid Tyre L077Wheel loader solid Tyre L077

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077

Qingdao Oxplo Tire, a renowned tire supplier in China for 20 years, offers the Wheel Loader Solid Tyre L077. Ideal for demanding wheel loader applications, this tire guarantees reliability, durability, and safety. With superior traction, stability, and longevity, the L077 ensures peak performance for your machinery, enabling efficient and safe operations.

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077

Product Overview

Qingdao Oxplo Tire is a China Wheel Loader Solid Tyre L077 Manufacturers. The Wheel Loader Solid Tyre L077 is a high-performance, durable tyre specifically designed for wheel loaders. It is engineered to provide maximum stability, traction, and load-bearing capacity, ensuring efficient and reliable operation in various working environments.

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077

Technical Specifications




(Inflated Size)
(Maximum Tire Load At Different Maximum Speeds)

(Outer Diameter)

(Section Width)
0km/h 2km/h 6km/h 10km/h 40km/h 50km/h Application
L077 12.00-20/8.5 8.5 1103 290.00 - 7560 6865 5065 - Trailers, mining heavy-duty trucks
12.00-24/8 5 8.5 1235 303.00 - 8040 7305 5390 - Trailers, mining heavy-duty trucks
14 00-24/10 0 10 1360 365.00 - 11100 10085 7440 - Trailers, mining heavy-duty trucks
16.00-25/11.25 11.25/2.0 1535 430.00 - 15000 13625 - - 25T heavy-duty forklift
18.00-25/13.0 13 00/2.5 1620 500.00 30600 27200 24600 22900 - - gantry crane
21.00-25/15.0 15.00/3.0 1750 570.00 36100 32100 29100 27100 - - gantry crane
17.5-25/14.0 14.00/1.5 1350 445.00 - - - 8250 - 5000 Wheel loader
20.5-25/17.0 17.00/2.0 1490 520.00 - - - 11500 - 7500 Wheel loader
235-25/19.5 19 50/2.5 1610 600.00 - - - 13600 - 8750 Wheel loader
26 5-25/22.0 22.00/3.0 1750 675.00 - - - 17000 - 11200 Wheel loader
29.5-25/25.0 25.00/3.5 1855 750.00 - - - 19800 - 12950 Wheel loader

Size: Customizable to fit different wheel loader models.
Material: High-grade solid rubber.
Tread Pattern: Optimized for maximum traction and stability.
Load Rating: Please consult with your dealer or manufacturer for specific load rating information.

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077

Key Features

Durability: Wheel Loader Solid Tyre L077 is made of high-quality solid rubber, which guarantees exceptional wear resistance and longevity.
Stability: The unique tread design and reinforced sidewall structure provide superior stability and handling, reducing the risk of tyre failure.
Load Capacity: Wheel Loader Solid Tyre L077 is capable of handling heavy loads, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of wheel loaders.
Versatility: Suitable for use in various industries and applications, including construction, mining, and agriculture.

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077


The Wheel Loader Solid Tyre L077 is ideal for use in the following applications:

Construction: Earthmoving, material handling, and general construction work.
Mining: Loading and transporting ore, minerals, and other mining materials.
Agriculture: Farming operations involving the use of wheel loaders for various tasks.

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077


Cost-effective: The long service life and excellent durability of the tyre ensure lower maintenance costs and higher overall efficiency.
Safe and Reliable: The tyre's stability and load-bearing capacity provide a safe and reliable solution for wheel loader operations.
Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, making it a valuable addition to your fleet.

Wheel loader solid Tyre L077

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