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Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre
  • Heavy Dump ARP Truck TyreHeavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

Qingdao oxplo Tire Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of tires and rubber products with a history of 20 years. Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre is a specialized tire designed for heavy-duty dump trucks. It offers exceptional durability and reliability, withstanding the rigorous demands of hauling heavy loads in various terrains. With its high-quality materials and advanced engineering, it is a trusted choice for dump truck operators.

Qingdao Oxplo Tire Co., Ltd. presents its Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre, specifically designed for the rigorous demands of dump truck operations.

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

Product Description

Type: Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre (All-Purpose Radial) designed specifically for heavy-duty dump trucks.
Application: Ideal for rear dump trucks, with a focus on durability and load-bearing capacity.
Construction: Featuring a radial design, providing excellent stability and handling performance.

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

Technical Specifications

ARP E4 27.00R49 TL ** 68

Size Range: Various sizes available to fit different dump truck models, such as 325/95R24 (12.00R24) and other common sizes.
Tube Type: Available in tube-type configurations (tyre + tube + flap) for added durability.
Material: Made from high-quality rubber compounds, ensuring long service life and resistance to abrasion.

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

Performance Characteristics

Durability: Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions and heavy loads of dump truck operations.
Stability: Radial design provides excellent stability, especially when handling large payloads.
Load-Bearing Capacity: Designed to carry heavy loads with minimal deformation and wear.

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

Additional Features

Valve Options: Multiple valve options (e.g., Tr13, Tr15, etc.) to meet different installation and maintenance requirements.
Customization: Available for customization to meet specific operational needs.

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging: Professional packaging to ensure safe transportation and handling. Shipping: Negotiate with supplier for shipping cost and estimated delivery time.

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre

After-Sales Service

Warranty: Typically offered with a 1-year quality guarantee or mileage warranty.
Sample Request: Samples available for testing and evaluation, with a minimum order quantity typically required.

Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre


The Heavy Dump ARP Truck Tyre from Qingdao Oxplo Tire Co., Ltd. offers the durability, stability, and load-bearing capacity needed for dump truck operations, along with customization options and professional after-sales service.

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